Technical Team

Jennie Law
Facility Manager
Jennie Law - Facility Manager
Jennie joined MicrobesNG with 15 years industry experience in Human Resources, L+D and Customer Management. She took up her role as MicrobesNG Facility Manager in September 2015 and where she has set herself at the heart of customer service. She helped organise the commercial aspects of the Genome Science Conference and strives to deliver an outstanding “customer experience”. Jennie is always happy to discuss the products and services on offer through MicrobesNG!
Emily Richardson
Microbial bioinformatician
Emily Richardson - Microbial Bioinformatician
Emily has recently completed a bioinformatics postdoc with Ross Fitzgerald at the Roslin Institute, Edinburgh, where she was investigating host adaptation of Staphylococcus. Prior to this she obtained her PhD in bacterial genomics at the University of Edinburgh. Emily spends most of her time wrangling with NGS data, although she occasionally dabbles in web development and training.
Pablo Fuentes Utrilla
Next-generation sequencing manager
Pablo Fuentes-Utrilla - NGS Manager
My research interest is on the use of new sequencing technologies as both diagnostic and research tools. I started my career with my PhD in Population Genetics, followed by a job in Phylogenetics and Phylogeography. I got quickly interested in the potential of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), and I have been working in this exciting field since 2010. After a Postdoc in which I developed NGS markers for genotyping by sequencing, I worked as Senior NGS Sequencing Technician in Edinburgh before joining MicrobesNG.
Álvaro Aguilar Vega

Management Team

Prof Ian Henderson
Prof Ian Henderson
Ian is a Professor of Microbial Biology and Director of the Institute of Microbiology and Infection (IMI). The IMI boasts the largest group of academic microbiologist in the UK. He has been an active researcher in the field of Gram-negative bacterial pathogenesis and genetics for over twenty years.
Prof Nick Loman
Nick Loman
Nick is an Independent Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. Following a PhD in comparative bacterial genomics with Mark Pallen, he has developed research interests in microbial genomics and metagenomics for a broad range of bacterial pathogens. Nick spends much of his time tracking developments in new sequencing technologies with an eye to applying them to a range of medical and biological problems. Contrary to rumours, Nick does not look like Ed Miliband.
Dr Roy Chaudhuri
Roy Chaudhuri
Roy has over 15 years experience in the field of microbial genomics. Following a PhD on the origins and evolution of HIV with Professor Paul Sharp at the University of Nottingham, he moved to a postdoc at the University of Birmingham, where he worked with Professor Mark Pallen and was responsible for the development of coliBASE and xBASE, online databases for bacterial comparative genomics. He then moved to a second postdoc at the University of Cambridge, where he worked with Professsor Duncan Maskell, developing methods for the analysis of data derived from transposon directed insertion-site sequencing (TraDIS). Following a period as the head of bioinformatics at the Centre for Genomics Research in Liverpool, a major UK sequencing centre, he moved to the University of Sheffield to start his own research group in 2013.

Management Group

Prof. Tim Mitchell
University of Birmingham
Dr Jane Steele
University of Birmingham

External Advisory Board

Dr Aaron Darling
University of Technology, Sydney
Dr James Hadfield
CRUK Genomics core facility
Dr Lex Nederbragt
University of Oslo, Norway
A/Prof Torsten Seemann
University of Melbourne
Prof Craig Winstanley
University of Liverpool
Prof Nicholas Thomson
Wellcome Sanger Institute